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RAW CUT Soaps Co.




Raw Cut Soaps Co stands to empower people to wash naturally. Each bar of soap is hand-cut and handmade with 100% organic and natural ingredients. We use the best natural oils, butters, botanical plants, and natural powders to ensure natural healing to your skin.

Made with love with our sensitive skin family in mind.

Some Of Our Products

Gentle Rose

One of the most complimented light fragrance soap bars we have!  Enjoy the enriched scent of roses while also giving your skin the nourishing benefits of the best ingredients a soap can have.

Skin Type: For Dry to Normal Skin


Polish + Smooth + Revive 

Do you need to exfoliate dull, flaky, or dry skin? The Sugar In My Coffee Body Scrub is the perfect organic remedy that your skin is CRAVING! Formulated with coffee grains, cane 

Crystal Charging Water Bottles

There is a space on the very bottom of the water bottle that's specifically for water-friendly spiritual crystals.




Almond Milk, and Oats

This natural luxury soap is great for dry skin. Best used for skin with eczema, acne, irritation, and in need of hydration. Smells of warm Honey Vanilla with a hint of White Rose.

Skin Type: For Dry to Normal Skin


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